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Latest Tips and Tricks for the Hotel Social Media Savvy

If you’re into optimizing your hotel’s social media strategy, you know there are always one or two things you wish the social media networks would do. We found a couple of handy new features you might not be aware of that help build engagement.

Check out the overview here, and if you want to dive into the pro section, follow this link to our insights section.

As always, if you want to discuss these features or other items on your luxury travel marketing wishlist, experts are just a click away.

What if I Could Get People to Add Their Content to Our Content?


Add Yours stickers are a new form of engagement for Instagram Stories. While previously interactive opportunities on Stories circled back to the original user, this addition starts a chain reaction in which anyone can participate and share their unique content. Rather than simply answering a poll or asking questions, users are prompted to whip out their own cameras or sort through their photos to find and post.

Add Yours are easily integrated, especially when tested on temporary Stories posts to understand how it fits best with your brand. Read more about Add Yours here.

What if I Could Get More Out of Content Creators?

Cool New Feature 2: POST COLLABS

Collab posts are a new feature that allows users to co-post both regular feed posts and Reels. The advantage to this – rather than having the Content Creator post it alone – is that the engagement will count towards the brand’s profile page as well. For example, if a brand with a small Instagram following co-posts with a Micro-Influencer with 100k followers, the brand will see unseen engagement on that particular post.

These posts will show up identically on both profiles and will share engagement, likes, and shares. This way of posting expands the users’ reach and visibility, as the two accounts “share” a following in this moment. In addition, Collab posts can add a level of validity to brands that partner with Content Creators, as it displays a higher level of investment by the Creator than if they had simply tagged the brand in a post. Learn how to post a Collab in our Insights section.

Travel brands have the opportunity to maximize these two features to build community on their social platforms and engage new audiences. So what are you waiting for? Learn more in Insights.

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