Sonesta and BCV: A Strategic Partnership Redefining Hospitality Social Media


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Industry veteran Sonesta, the 8th largest hospitality company, is on a mission to elevate its brand awareness, particularly for its flagship brand, The Royal Sonesta. Despite its established position, Sonesta seeks a wider audience as its portfolio continues to grow and a distinct online presence that reflects its unique hotel brands. Gina Uttaro, Director of Social Media & Content for Sonesta, said:

“As a small, nimble social media team internally at Sonesta, we wanted a true partner that would match our passion for creative content, motivation to stay up to date on trends, and always bring fresh ideas and strategic thinking to their work”.

Enter BCV, a renowned agency known for its hospitality industry expertise and ability to turn challenges into opportunities. This strategic partnership promises to redefine the social media landscape for both brands.

Beyond a Facelift: Crafting Distinct Brand Narratives

Sonesta describes itself as an "80-year-old startup," highlighting its longevity and continuous evolution. The Royal Sonesta, their crown jewel, exudes a "sophisticated whimsy," a playful take on "royalty" that sets it apart. BCV acknowledges this desire for differentiation and promises to craft narratives that capture the essence of both brands: Sonesta's established voice and The Royal Sonesta's unique persona.

Shared Goals, Amplified Results:

Sonesta's top priorities are building brand awareness and fostering a thriving online community. They envision a vibrant social media presence that attracts new audiences and transforms guests into loyal brand ambassadors. BCV's strategy involves creative content and strategic paid tactics to achieve these goals. The success of campaigns like "Sincerely Sonesta" and "Make Your Mantra" demonstrates the effectiveness of BCV's approach.

The creative for ‘Sincerely’ features simple, luxurious imagery and a cheeky ‘out of the office’ message in the company's voice and signed, ‘Sincerely, Sonesta.’ Senior Account Executive Katie Murphy said,

"Sincerely Sonesta" effectively captures the essence of Sonesta's brand identity and engagement with the audience. We also did a campaign called Make Your Mantra to marry the idea of making resolutions at the beginning of each year, with travel goals directly targeting the brand's audience of business and leisure travelers to drive engagement and meaningful conversation”.

A Glimpse into the Future: The "Royalty Revolution" Begins

2024 marks the beginning of the "royalty revolution" for The Royal Sonesta. BCV plans to showcase its stunning locations and bring its “royal mascots" to life, fostering deeper connections with targeted audiences. Sonesta's diverse personality will shine across various platforms, while The Royal Sonesta's mascot-driven persona will unfold on its dedicated channel, creating a captivating social media symphony.

Beyond Hype: A Look at the Concrete Facts

According to Gina Uttaro, Sonesta’s social media lead:

“The BCV team feels like an extension of our social media team and this was important to us in choosing the right partner to help us build our brands on social media”. 

This partnership is not just about lofty goals and future promises. Here are some key facts to remember:

  • Established brands seeking wider recognition: Sonesta, despite its industry ranking, desires increased brand awareness for the organization and key hotel brands like The Royal Sonesta.
  • Distinct brand personalities: Sonesta seeks to generate global awareness of their growing "80-year-old startup" hospitality organization, while The Royal Sonesta focuses on a "sophisticated whimsy" persona.
  • Shared goals of brand awareness and community building: Both Sonesta and BCV prioritize increasing brand awareness and fostering online communities.
  • Strategic approach with tailored content: BCV's strategy involves creative content and paid tactics specific to each brand's personality and target audience.
  • Emphasis on collaboration and industry expertise: Sonesta values BCV's collaborative approach and deep understanding of the hospitality industry.

The Future Unfolds: Stay Tuned for More

 This is just the beginning of Sonesta and BCV's journey. The future promises innovative social media strategies, a thriving online community, and a brand presence that redefines expectations in the hospitality industry. Stay tuned for more updates as they rewrite the rules of social engagement and embark on a new era of digital success.

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