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By Jenn Bickley

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As luxury hoteliers, we constantly strive to differentiate ourselves, connect with discerning guests, and amplify our brand voice. Social Media Holidays present a unique opportunity to achieve all three in the ever-evolving digital landscape. These quirky, trend-driven days offer a playful platform to engage your audience, build brand personality, and drive awareness - but navigating them strategically is key.

Embrace the Playful Potential: Integrating Social Media Holidays into Your Strategy

Remember, Social Media Holidays are a strategic tool, not a haphazard pastime. Align with brand standards: Ensure the holidays you celebrate resonate with your brand identity and target audience. Promoting a seaside escape in honor of National Ocean Day on June 8 makes sense. Or the First Day of Winter on December 21 for your Mountain destination. And who doesn’t have a beverage program that could, uh, tap into some more business from National Beer Day on April 7th! 

  • Plan thoughtfully: Consider budget allocation, paid media amplification, and cross-channel communication (email blasts, on-property collateral) for larger campaigns.
  • Start small and scale strategically: Begin with one or two holidays per month and gradually build your repertoire.

Beyond Traditional Holidays: The Rise of Social Media Celebrations

Unlike their formal counterparts, Social Media Holidays celebrate anything from pizza to pets to wellness routines. Think of them as casual, inclusive invitations to join a global conversation. They're all about fun, engagement, and fostering a sense of community, making them perfectly suited for luxury hotels seeking to connect with like-minded individuals.


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Harnessing the Power of Playful Days: Benefits for Luxury Hotels 

  • Boost Engagement: Trending hashtags and creative content around these holidays can spark conversations, increase likes and shares, and inject vibrancy into your social media landscape.
  • Catalyze Brand Personality: Show the world your hotel's fun side! Quirky posts celebrating National Ice Cream Day or hosting a sunset yoga session on International Yoga Day demonstrate an authentic and engaging brand personality.
  • Amplify Brand Awareness: Leverage trending topics to get your hotel noticed. Imagine the reach of a beautifully curated National Margarita Day post showcasing your signature cocktails!

Playing Smart: Strategies for Authentic Participation

Remember, successful Social Media Holiday engagement hinges on strategic execution. Here's how to avoid clumsiness and ensure your participation is sophisticated and effective:

  • Tailor your approach: Don't force it. If your hotel doesn't offer burgers, skip #NationalBurgerDay. Authenticity is paramount.
  • Elevate the experience: Go beyond a simple post. Host a bespoke wine tasting for International Wine Day, partner with a local animal shelter for National Dog Day, or offer a limited-edition cocktail inspired by the holiday. Create memorable experiences, not just content.
  • Maintain quality over quantity: Don't flood your feed. One well-executed post per month is sufficient. Less is more when it comes to crafting impactful content.

Inspiration from the Best: Successful Social Media Holiday Campaigns

Several esteemed luxury hotels have mastered the art of leveraging Social Media Holidays. Take inspiration from:

Barbie Trend at Moxy NYC Downtown

  • Jumping on the trending social media Barbie content,they executed a creative social media campaign the weekend of the Barbie movie release, driving users to stop in and experience their Barbie pop-up at on-site restaurant

Ice Cream Day with Cambria

  • In honor of National Ice Cream Day, they leveraged video content by creating a reel that flips through various ice cream flavors, asking users to screenshot what flavor of ice cream they are, then drove users to their on-property ice cream shops

National Pizza Day with Emmy Squared

  • Supported by enticing creative graphics, they executed a giveaway in honor of National Pizza Day where users tagged three friends and followed the account to be entered for a chance to win a gift card and swag

International Poke Day with Four Seasons Bora Bora

  • With a locally sourced Poke dish on the menu, they organically participated in the social media holiday and showcased their offerings at the resort for guests to enjoy

By embracing the playful potential of Social Media Holidays, your luxury hotel can cultivate a vibrant online community, amplify brand awareness, and ultimately attract discerning guests. So, step into the hashtag jungle with intention, create experiences worth sharing, and let the celebration begin!

Jenn Bickley
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Jenn Bickley

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Jenn has been with BCV for four years and has worked for a wide range of properties within our portfolio, including a number of luxury properties. Prior to joining BCV, she gained 10 years of experience working in social media marketing roles in industries ranging from major CPG products, financial, automotive, retail, and hospitality. When not traveling, Jenn enjoys reading, a nice glass of bourbon, any and all winter activities, and spending time back home in Michigan with her family.

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