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Meet the team transforming the world of hospitality marketing


The people we hire aren’t just hospitality and social media marketing experts. They’re also passionate travelers. Creative thinkers. Trendspotters. Trailblazers. People with their finger on the pulse of pop culture—who want to make a splash with innovative, social-first campaigns.

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Peter Strebel


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Alex Tamayo

VP, Monitoring and Data Science

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Candler Foster

Senior Director of HR - Americas

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Carol Casanova

Director, Global Marketing & Communications

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David Pico

Director of Paid Media

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James Parrinello

Creative Director

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Lindsey Sagnella

VP, Client Services & Strategy

Ask Us Anything

We understand that professionals need to stay on top of the latest trends, data, and social media strategies. This Q&A conversation will be dedicated time for our panel to answer any question on social media for hospitality--big or small. So ask away!

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