Case Study

Capturing the Attention of Locals


As the pandemic continued throughout 2021, hospitality was still impacted by lagging travel and tourism. In an effort to drive domestic tourism, boost occupancy, and increase foot traffic at their restaurants, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar pivoted its social strategy and ad spend to motivate locals.

With these goals in mind, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar created a discounted room rate alongside F&B specials that locals could enjoy during their visit. In order to strategically market these on social media, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar Partnered with BCV.


BCV approached each of Grand Hyatt Baha Mar’s two offers with a different paid strategy for each objective.

With the F&B specials, BCV launched reach ads to maximize visibility among individuals with a 25-mile radius.

To successfully secure direct revenue, our team also deployed conversion ads with advanced audience segmenting to target only individuals living in the Bahamas.

Over the course of 8 months, both the creative and ad targeting were optimized to yield the strongest results.

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