Tips From a Road Warrior: What You Need in Your Carry-on


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We’ve all been there—you get off the plane after what feels like an eternity, eager to embrace vacation (or conquer that work trip). Your out of office email is set, you packed a wardrobe a step or two above normal, and you’re feeling Kanye-level confident. That is, until you catch a glimpse of the big shiny zit on your face.

While travel has many health benefits, flying unfortunately takes a grave toll on your skin. With humidity levels between 10-15%— three times drier than the Sahara desert—airplanes cause massive dehydration leading to those pesky breakouts. Whether you have dry or oily skin, your oil glands go into overdrive from the low humidity levels, making it easy for oil to get trapped under dehydrated skin cells.

The good news is, you can fight the inevitable by throwing the right things in your carry-on. These five skincare essentials meet TSA liquid requirements and aren’t a hassle to carry on board. With the BCV team being seasoned road warriors, we know these staples are crucial for perfect travel skin. Get ready to say bon voyage to your vacation acne, once and for all.

1) Hydrating Face Wipes

First things first, you’ll want a good face wipe to remove dirt, makeup, and excess oil without dehydrating your skin. Since cleansers are difficult to bring past security, and, let’s be honest, an inconvenience on the plane, wipes are simple and get the job done.

2) Nutrient-Rich Facial Mist

A soothing mid-flight spritz will instantly refresh your senses. Ideally, find one with natural oils, aloe, and hyaluronic acid to nourish your dehydrated skin.

3) Coconut Oil

In a perfect world, all of the essential oils would magically travel with you. While you can’t go wrong packing any of your trusty serums, coconut oil is the most versatile for travel. Not only does it cleanse, hydrate and moisturize, but it also triples as shaving cream, makeup remover, and teeth whitener. If there’s one thing you can take, coconut oil is it.

4) Sheet Mask

For a post-plane glow, top off your skincare routine with a hydrating sheet mask. These are easy to take past security and you can stock up on a variety that hydrates, fights acne, and brightens your skin. Pop it on, take a nap, and let the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids sink deep into your skin.

5) Tinted Moisturizer

Skip the foundation and opt for a tinted moisturizer to add a soft hint of color that evens and enhances skin. The lightweight formula allows your skin to breathe, while giving you a glow to carry with you off the plane and throughout vacation.

Now that you know how to downsize your skincare routine into your carry-on, travel acne won’t ruin your photo-worthy vacation again. With the right products and a little planning, you’ll be thankful to get off the plane with fresh, dewy skin. Plus, when you’re bouncing from sight to sight, it’ll feel good to have your trusty skin saviors right within reach, while keeping up your glow all vacation long.

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