The Personal Touch: Importance of Customer Service on Social Media


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As you’ve surely noticed, customer service has made its way to social media. And, the vast majority of today’s consumers have communicated with a brand on social media. So how can you, as a hotel, take advantage of this?

When it comes to communicating with guests via social media, time is of the essence. BCV recommends actively monitoring social pages and responding quickly—ideally within the hour.

The best customer service goes above and beyond, and social media makes no exceptions. If a guest posts about staying at your hotel for their birthday, why not surprise them with a handwritten happy birthday note and a treat in their room? Those small gestures always mean the most.

Furthermore, social media is public, so exceptional customer service reaches far beyond the individual guest you interact with. People love sharing stories of unexpected acts of kindness. Not only will the customer be happy, but it can also boost the overall image of the company. Whether 100 followers see a guest’s jubilant tweet about their stay, or a photo of a happy birthday treat is shared across multiple channels, your one positive guest interaction can have a ripple effect and leave many people with positive feelings toward your hotel.

In contrast, there are some matters that should be handled privately. If someone posts about a negative experience at the hotel, it’s usually best to respond by requesting they message you directly. Then you can resolve the issue without attracting too much publicity.

It’s important to develop a strategy in order to maintain consistency. While each customer exchange is authentic, the tone must uphold the brand’s voice and values. Moreover, each social media platform offers its own unique communication opportunities, so it is imperative that strategies are catered to each. Keep in mind that the best communication is conversational; your posts should engage your audience. And don’t forget to have fun with it! Customers respond best when messages are genuine, personal, and sometimes even playful.

At the end of the day, customer service on social media matters. That’s why many companies are turning to professional social media providers to cultivate and monitor their online pages. BCV works closely with leading hospitality brands to formulate unique social media strategies that align with the client’s objectives. Through innovative technologies, BCV is able to identify, target, and engage specific audiences in order to yield the best results.

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