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Over the past five years, the use of video in digital marketing has increased exponentially, officially crowning video as the king of digital marketing.

The rapid rise in the popularity of video can be attributed to its array of potential benefits – from increased engagement and social shares to elevated SEO and ROI. But, leveraging video doesn’t guarantee success. Social media users are exposed to a large volume of video content in their news feeds every day, so only the very best and most creative content will survive.

At BCV, we consistently recommend incorporating digital video into our hospitality clients’ social media strategies. Recently, BCV was awarded by Hotels Magazine for creative use of video for two of our clients – Waldorf Astoria and Fontainebleau.

Waldorf Astoria’s goal was to increase their Facebook audience. Based on this objective, BCV recommended the launch of a video campaign that would be shared exclusively on the brand’s Facebook Page.

BCV created a series of high-quality feature videos that engaged users by highlighting two unique Waldorf brand offerings – Waldorf Drive and Waldorf Golf. To supplement the main video content, we also created 30 additional video shorts which significantly increased shares and overall engagement.

The campaign was wildly successful. The brand’s Facebook fan base increased by 60,100, achieving 103% of goal, engagement rate quadrupled and on-page impressions grew by a whopping 265%, all because of the creative and audience-appropriate video content.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach came to BCV with a different objective – they sought to create a cohesive aesthetic on their Facebook page. Although the objective for Fontainebleau and Waldorf Astoria differed, we still recommended the use of innovative video content to achieve both of their goals.

For Fontainebleau, we created a series of unique stop motion videos, cinemographs and time-lapse videos, which were strategically integrated into the hotel’s Facebook content calendar.

One of the most successful videos in the campaign was a 14-second video of a hand holding a Fontainebleau water bottle. The simple creativity of this one piece of content generated an impressive 29,000 views.

All of the videos shared on Fontainebleau’s Facebook page were watched a combined 1.5 million times, received over 300,000 engagements (an all-time high), and generated over $200,000 in revenue from room bookings that were directly attributed to the video posts.

These two examples of award-winning video campaigns are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to illustrating the power and versatility of video. It is clear that these days, social media users are engaging with brands that tailor their content to audience preferences. And, since video is the king, brands that don’t integrate video into their digital strategies will be left behind.

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