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Let’s talk about utilizing paid social media. In a word? Necessary. 

In 2019, social media is primarily a pay-to-play space, especially after Facebook introduced an algorithm that weaves a variety of advertising initiatives into a users’ feed. 

So why is it essential to have dollars behind your social media objectives? 

When it comes to supporting your content in the social world, the amount your organic content is seen in someone’s feed is extremely low—less than 2%! That means, now more than ever, utilizing paid social media advertising is vital if you want your users to obtain your content, campaigns, or offers—or all of the above. 

The goals of adding paid spend behind your content are simple: 

  • Ensure your content being produced is actually reaching the relevant target markets by maximizing visibility 
  • Create more exposure for your brand or business 
  • And in turn, ensure you’re staying competitive within the market

Whether you’re looking to enhance your engagement metrics to a niche market, cast a wider net of users, boost leads, or increase website traffic, the case for utilizing social media advertising has never been more significant. 

Now that you know the basics as to why you should implement a paid social media strategy, it’s important to note that each platform should have its own strategy. Defining a brand or business’s budget for social media is important and finding the “right” amount varies. It’s often dependent on these four variables:

  1. The platform
  2. The objective
  3. The campaign 
  4. The target audience

Luckily for brands and businesses, the opportunities to gather insights from a platform’s analytics will allow you to conduct a deep dive into how your content was received and how your audience engaged, and will give you access to hone in on how and why a user interacted with your content. The data and analytics that are available to help your brand or business success are plenty and readily available. 

To put it simply, if you’re a brand or business looking to drive improved results and garner optimal reach and engagement with your social media campaigns, then paid social media should be top of mind.

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