How to Conduct a Social Media Audit (And Put It to Use for Luxury Hotel Marketing): Part 2

  • Strategy
  • Content production

Part 2: A Checklist to Activate your Start, Stop, Keep Strategy and More

Now that you know the Start, Stop, Keep strategy and have a plan in mind, let’s get down to work. Before you start, it will help to have the spreadsheet or password log for all of the accounts you want to audit. We recommend that you also have a list of any new social products or features that you are investigating, and if time permits, a basic understanding of how they work and what you want to get out of them. Finally, your historical stats will be helpful–in whatever shape they are in!

The following is a very thorough dive. The broad categories such as profile, admins, etc. are a quick review to make sure they are current and reflect any changes in brand or team. Spend more time on the Content and Channel sections–ideally on a quarterly basis. Most of all, enjoy the adventure!

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