Crafting the Perfect Video Strategy for Luxury Hotels

By James Parrinello

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When you have a video to share you have two options. First, you can post the same video on every channel. But that’s not very strategic. Instead, use the tools provided by each platform to customize your video and tailor it to what type(s) of video content performs best on those platforms. 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter all have intelligent targeting. Additionally, let’s not overlook YouTube - since it’s a Google platform product, you can use target words to catch people during searches. 

Expert Tip: Consider your target demographics when you are on the platform. That way you can prioritize for Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, etc., and the platform will do the segmentation. 

Once you have some initial target numbers for your audiences, you can refine them by adding target words. For example, are you a beach resort targeting families? A boutique hotel in the countryside? The unique qualities of your property are rich keyword targets and allow you to put together versions of your video that match your target audience and the platform’s style. Want to take advantage of even more features to customize your video? Add some trending audio from TikTok or IG. Here’s an on how to do that.

Sounds like a little extra work, and it is. But it is worth it. And here are some stats to encourage you to put some time into your video strategy. 


Instagram videos that are around 26 seconds long receive the most comments.

Media experts have predicted increased video content consumption for over a decade. And they have been right, with actual viewership numbers beating even the most aggressive projections. 

In the luxury hotel industry, our data team has also seen a dramatic uptick. With Meta prioritizing video, BCV clients see a 31% lift in engagement from video &  12% increase in click-thru rate when a video is used in ads. When you customize a video for placement on multiple video platforms you get more mileage from the video and learn about all of your audiences.


Once again, there are two choices, and both involve choosing a target. If you’re like most properties, you have your core audience and your emerging audiences. Which of these audiences do you most want to be watching the video? If your priority for video is a Gen Z demographic, then you will focus on TikTok. Gen X watches videos on Instagram. And Boomers are mostly focused on Facebook. That said, if you want to straddle a couple of demographics, say, Boomers and Millennials,  Facebook and Instagram are both owned by Meta and will be your best bet to easily reach those audiences with slightly customized video content.


Learn how Instagram Reels helped the Four Seasons Hotel showcase the brand’s identity and share its unique stories ➜



It is no surprise that each social network has unique video formats. Tik-Tok and Instagram videos should be in a vertical size. The ideal length is 15-30 seconds. Because these are short, you must catch users’ attention within the first 3 seconds, or you’ve lost them. Facebook is more flexible in its format, and videos can be a combination of horizontal, square, and vertical. For Facebook, the recommended length is 15-60 seconds. Just be sure you have enough story to cover 60 seconds.


As marketers, we put a lot of consideration into preserving and protecting our brands. But with video, those rules become more flexible. Big luxury brands like Waldorf Astoria and Four Seasons have shifted content to be more playful to attract Millennials. There are two reasons for that. First, Millennials spend more on travel than Boomers and GenX! Second, while these younger travelers love luxury, they don’t like things to feel stuffy. And Gen Z wants things even more relaxed in a luxury setting. Video is the perfect way to capture the mix of elegance and escape for these audiences. This slight shift in brand tone is especially important as these videos will appear on TikTok or IG, and they need to feel like they belong. 


The power of video to connect with people has never been more accessible. Mastering a few simple tools provided by social media platforms makes customizing a video for different audiences totally doable. And if you need some tips on creating great video content, check out our instagram or give us a call!

James Parrinello
About the Author

James Parrinello

Creative Director

James is BCV’s Creative Director and an independent film producer, selling his first documentary – No Cameras Allowed – to MTV/Viacom at the age of 24. In his free time, he’s developing new content, concepts and methods, cooking new recipe’s and planning his next snowboard trip.

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