A Peek Into Social Media Monitoring

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The rise of digital tools and social media has created a customer service experience of its own, influencing the way consumers view and interact with hospitality brands. When it comes to customer service these days, social media matters—and the way brands interact with their consumers not only affects their social media image, but their overall brand identity as well. So how can you help achieve maximum customer service with your existing and prospective guests online? Let’s take a deeper look. 

At BCV, we believe it’s essential to help our clients cultivate their customer service experience via social media. By tracking and interacting with relevant conversations on every social media platform, our monitoring team engages with messages on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) in under two hours. This means that, on behalf of the hotels we work with, all messages are responded to, liked, and retweeted (when appropriate). It’s essential to monitor and reply to DMs, comments, posts, photo tags, and mentions on social. No matter how a consumer reaches out, they expect a response.

How We Do It

Once a guest engages with our clients on social media, BCV’s proprietary technology creates a unique customer profile, allowing our dedicated monitors to respond to consumers in the most personal way possible. This allows us to build real connections with consumers, increasing brand loyalty and trust for the hotel. 

Our goal is to serve as an extension of the hotel team to help our clients exceed guests’ expectations. It is also important for hotels to know who their guests are and to keep track of the interactions they previously had with them in the past. Whether they celebrated a birthday with them, a wedding, an anniversary, or even stayed the night for a business trip, each consumer’s story is different. It’s personal and relatable—it matters.

The way hotels interact with a guest online not only demonstrates a dedication to hospitality but can also influence the way your property is viewed in a competitive manner. Finally, if a consumer writes a negative review about your property, you need to know how to make the right call. In their 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report, Oracle found that 89% of consumers switched to a competitor proceeding a negative customer experience. Therefore it’s important to act fast, engage when it matters, and know when it’s appropriate to respond and when to let your team handle the issue internally. 

The Bottom Line

Social media monitoring is important and essential in creating brand loyalty, top-notch service, and meaningful relationships that are much-needed within the hospitality industry.

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