10 Common Mistakes Hotels Make on Social Media

By Lindsey Sagnella

  • Strategy

Social media is tough for all businesses, but for hotels, it's make-or-break. It's a golden opportunity to boost awareness, wow guests, and build loyalty. Here are ten common mistakes to dodge for a winning social strategy.

  1. Not Having CTA Buttons: Activate those 'Book Now' or 'Visit Website' buttons on Facebook and Instagram. It's your ticket to turning followers into guests.
  2. Not Linking Wisely: Don't drop links in comments! Opt for organic captions and boosted posts with clear and actionable CTAs instead to drive traffic.
  3. Missing Branding Basics: Spruce up your Instagram with sharp profile pics, snazzy Story Highlight icons, and a consistent brand voice for a great first impression.
  4. No Keywords in Bio: Pack your bio with keywords like your location or standout features ('luxury spa' or ‘seafront views,’ anyone?) for a visibility boost.
  5. Ignoring Engagement: Respond to reviews, engage with comments, and show guests some love. It's all about building those relationships. Even a simple acknowledgment of a comment or review can enhance your reputation!
  6. Outdated Info: Keep your contact info fresh across all platforms. Missing contact details mean missed opportunities.
  7. Not Highlighting Highlights: Use Instagram Story highlights to showcase your best bits and catch potential guests' eyes. Showcase amenities, share guest testimonials, or offer a sneak peek into your daily operations.
  8. Lacking UGC Power: Encourage guests to share their experiences (with permission, of course!) and watch trust and engagement soar. Set up activations and photographable moments onsite to drive increased earned media.
  9. Favoring Size Over Engagement: Big follower count? Nice. But it's engagement that really counts. Foster an authentic community feel for lasting loyalty. Higher engagement rates signal to the Instagram algorithm that content is relevant, which increases content and profile visibility.
  10. Sleeping on Destination Dreams: Hotels often overlook showcasing local hot spots, missing a chance to enrich their content. Partnering with local businesses and attractions can boost your content, appeal to guests' lifestyles, and elevate the perceived value of your hotel stay.

So there you have it. Our 10 common mistakes hotels make on social media. See any you could avoid? Put our best practices into action and watch your awareness, engagement, and conversions reach new levels.

Lindsey Sagnella
About the Author

Lindsey Sagnella

VP, Client Services & Strategy

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