There’s an App for That; Our Favorite Apps Currently in Rotation

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Let’s face it—in the age of technology, we’re all (more than slightly) addicted to our phones, and we’re okay with that. And at BCV, we’re proficient in finding the best photo-editing, post-scheduling, travel-organizing apps out there to make our lives just a little bit better.

But when we’ve punched out for the day, what apps do we turn to? From budget-friendly flight finders to social marketplaces where we can sell an old IKEA coffee table, we thought we’d share a few favorite apps that are currently making the cut.

Hopper – Hopper is a travel app that lets you search for cheap flights from every airline. Input your desired departure and arrival destination and a calendar will pop up with color-coded squares filled in on the upcoming dates. Green and light orange indicate cheaper fares, and dark orange and red squares are more expensive ones. The genius of Hopper is that you can select your desired dates, and it will advise you on whether you should wait for a better fare or if you should book now because it will only get more expensive. It’s a frequent traveler’s best friend.

Aloe Bud – When you travel a lot for work, it can get a little stressful. Needless to say, a pocket-sized self-care companion could really do wonders when you’re feeling the pressure of a busy week. Enter Aloe Bud, an app that gently sends you helpful reminders to partake in self-care activities, such as hydrate, move, breathe, rest, fuel, or motivate. You can check-in and reflect in real-time or on an as-needed basis; whatever works for you.

FabFocus – Have you fallen deeply in love with portrait mode, but don’t want to shell out half your paycheck for an iPhone 8+ or iPhone x? Say no more. FabFocus uses facial recognition to detect subjects in your photos and blur the background behind, giving you portrait mode-like images. You have to pay $3.99 for the app, but we’d rather pay that than drop a thousand for a new phone.

UNUM – Whether you’re crafting an aesthetic for a client or developing a personal brand of your own, UNUM is the perfect design tool for organizing and managing your Instagram content. Boasting a sleek interface and user-friendly features, UNUM allows you to flawlessly schedule posts, draft captions, rearrange content, and create unique Instagram Stories.

Letgo – They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that cliché couldn’t be more true for Letgo. A social marketplace allowing you to sell just about anything in the quickest and simplest way. Getting rid of your three-year-old IKEA bookcase? Snap a photo, set a price, and the app will do the rest. Plus, it will show you deals on things in your area, so you’re getting the best items from right around you.

Foodie – Foodie lets everyone capture Instagram-worthy snaps every time. With a variety of filters in different tones, brightnesses, moods, shades, etc., you can frame your photo to fit the personality of the subject. Swipe on the ‘RO3 Romantic’ filter and watch as your phone’s camera switches to a slightly more desaturated, moody setting. A little too much? You can adjust the intensity of the filter to suit your preference.

In the hundreds of thousands of phone apps existing in the world, these are just a select few that currently take the cake at being helpful, user-friendly, and maybe a little addicting? They wouldn’t be on our phones if they weren’t.

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