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BCV recently took questions from the hospitality world. Here are the responses from our category experts on StrategyPaid Media and Creative.

Brooke Jarchow, Brand Strategist

How often would you recommend posting?

First of all, it is about frequency as well as consistency. Our strategy relies on consistent regular posting to create community reliance and dependence on our specific brand. Fans and followers need to understand that fresh content will appear at regular times, in the same pattern, and that it will ultimately help to build a connection with our brand.

Additionally, we emphasize that the right mix of promotional content needs to be maintained. You’re not a Spam account, so never act like it. Our goal is to ensure that content provides our fans and followers with maximum value and is positioned as a two-way communication stream.

Is it important to get certified on the big three platforms, and how do you accomplish that?

Obtaining official verification on the major social media platforms, such as Instagram, will enable businesses and brands to have an additional level of trust. This increased trust will help the communities associated with those platforms easily identify people, businesses, and friends with whom they discover and interact.

How much of a role should influencer marketing play in the overall strategy?

Influencer marketing should be leveraged to drive upper-funnel marketing and awareness. Brands can tap into new audiences and increase exposure through this marketing tactic to expose their brand to larger audiences. Influencer marketing is also one of the best ways to generate a more well-rounded asset library, as long as the creator’s aesthetic remains aligned with the brand’s aesthetic.

Has BCV been working in the DEI space?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) encompasses the symbiotic relationship, philosophy and culture of acknowledging, embracing, supporting, and accepting those of all racial, sexual, gender, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds, among other differentiators. Since social audiences continue to seek inclusion and support for diverse communities from their chosen brands, it’s more important than ever that brands begin to step into the conversation surrounding cultural topics.

David Pico, Director of Paid Media

If you could only budget for a single platform, which one would you choose?

Instagram and Facebook are the backbone for any social platform mix because they will help maximize your reach and engagement. All supplemental platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and TikTok should be incorporated into your strategy according to your specific marketing goals.

What should we know about paid media?

First, there is no magic formula for monthly budgets for social media ads. This decision depends on your objectives, the platforms to be evaluated, the historical activity in all digital channels, and the competitive landscape. We can recommend different thresholds based on the industry, but each case must be evaluated individually.

Second, most of us want to know if paid media works! With Meta and other digital pixels, we can now track the impact of our ad spend in bookings and revenue, allowing us to optimize through the tactical actions driving the best results.

Third, there is always a lot of interest in what creative works. The best performing ad types are single images, slideshows, and carousels; But don’t put everything on one piece of creative. Consider A/B testing imagery, copy, and CTA buttons for future learnings.

Are there big shifts in 2022 with the cookies going away and IOS updates?

Yes, since the audiences are less tracked across channels (due to privacy updates), campaigns should focus on platform reach, adding first-party and relevant interested layers. Platforms have lost the capability of profiling consumers for performance, so the correct use of data is a key factor for success.

What information should be included in a social media report?

Always include Business and Media results. Business metrics most important are Bookings, Revenue, and ROI. Those are the final impact of advertising. Media metrics like engagements, CPE, link licks, CPL, Reach, CPM, Impressions, and CTR are all media KPI indicators that should be reported.

What will be the future impact of corporate distrust on social media content?

A report recently issued by Morning Consult states that trust is the most important key for connecting with consumers and that emotional drivers rank very high in importance. That creates ample opportunity to optimize paid efforts to target previous property guests to drive awareness while potentially building brand advocacy.

James Parrinello, Creative Director

Which creative type performs best? Is video still the highest driver of engagement?

Instagram has confirmed its algorithm will continue to prioritize video content, making Reels more discoverable across new audiences and existing followers. They’re a great way to repurpose existing video content and humanize & add personality to your brand. BCV clients see a 31% lift in engagement from video on Facebook. When using video content in paid media, clients also see a 12% increase in click-through rate.

What’s the best way to balance content production for all the various features in social media?

One of the keys to maintaining a good mix is recognizing video’s significance. For instance, Instagram’s adjusted approach to Reels is a testament to the importance of video. BCV recommends creating more quality content to be posted alongside images on all platforms. Long-form videos can be repurposed to create smaller, bite-sized video clips for Instagram, and these video clips can also be repurposed as Reels on Instagram.

What content would work for TikTok (especially luxury resorts)?

TikTok users love to discover – places, products, trends, tips, etc. Although content is largely viral videos and remixes, users seek inspiration and education. Your hospitality account should utilize TikTok if the target audience is a proper fit.

TikTok can be key for discovery among a younger demographic. Use TikTok trends to understand what resonates with Gen Z and inform content across other platforms.

Best-performing content typically features a human element or shares a first-person point-of-view. Music and sound are important elements; utilize TikTok’s extensive song library and provider licensing integration to plus up content.

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